Upper Sorbian Grammar

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Upper Sorbian (hornjoserbska rěč, hornjosrebšćina) is a West Slavic language (along with Czech, Kashubian, Polish, Slovak and extinct Polabian) spoken by about 50 thousand Sorbs, primarily in the eastern part of the German federal state of Saxony in the region around Budyšin (Bautzen in German).

The other Sorbian language, the Lower Sorbian, is spoken in the neighbouring south-eastern part of Brandenburg federal state around the city of Chóśebuz (Cottbus in German). Both Sorbian languages are relatively similar to each other, but they have developed separate literary traditions and distinct standard language norms have been codified.

Upper Sorbian is the most widely used language of the five officially recognised minority languages of Germany (the other four being Lower Sorbian, Romani, Danish and Frisian).

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