Upper Sorbian Grammar

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Adverbs are made out of the adjectives' stems (the part of an adjective that lefts after cutting out the -y/-i ending of the basic form of an adjective) by adding one of the two suffixes: -'e/-je or -o. The -o suffix is used with soft stem adjectives and those ones, whose stems end with h ch k. The -'e/-je one is used with all others adjectives. Sometimes one adjective may take both suffixes and have two wariants of corresponding adverbs, ex.:

zymny - zymnje / zymno

suchy - sucho / suše

wuski - wusko / wusce

[here you have explained, how does the -'e suffix effect the preceding consonant]

The comparative is made by changing the -'e/-je and -o suffixes into -(i)šo, ex.:

zymno / zymnje - zymnišo

sucho / suše - suchšo

Adding the naj- prefix to the form of the comparative makes the superlative. This prefix never carries a word stress, so the stress in the superlative forms falls on the second syllable of a word.

zymnišo - najzymnišo

suchšo - najsuchšo

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