Upper Sorbian Grammar

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Prepositions are a class of indeclinable words. Their meaning shows the following table:

PrepositionThe case the
noun has to
dlaGfor, to
doGto, until
mjezAbetween (direction)
mjezIbetween (place)
nadAover (direction)
nadIover (place)
napřećo, napřećiwoGopposite, vis-a-vis
napřećo, napřećiwoDagainst
nimoG[to go] past
poAfor (aim)
poLafter; on, in (when the sentence's predicate is a verb of motion)
podAunder (direction)
podIbelow, under (place)
polaGat (only with personal nouns)
přeAbecause of, owing to
předAbefore (direction)
předIbefore (time or place), in front of (place)
přezAthrough, across; all + a temporal noun (for ex. all night)
přiLat, by
spodGfrom under
srjedźGin the middle of
dosrjedźGinto the middle of
zesrjedźGout of the middle of
zGout from
zaAbehind (direction)
zaIbehind (place)
zadyGbehind (place)
dozadyGbehind (direction)
zezadyGfrom behind
zbokaGfrom aside
znutřkaGout from the inside of
zwonkaGfrom beyond the inside of

Forms with additional -e

Some prepositions ending with a consonant (k, nad, pod, před, w, wot, z), when preceding a noun or any other word beginning with the same consonant (or its voice - voiceless counterpart), get an additional -e at the end, for example:

ke konju, nade/pode/přede domem, we wsy, wote trawy, ze znamjenjom

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